“The longest journey a man will ever take is the 18 inches from his head to his heart.”

There is an ever-growing, Divine being-of-light inside each of us. You could call it our soul or our spirit. The way we get in touch with our soul is through our heart. We are here on the earth to evolve and to strive for spiritual fulfillment.

There is much more to life than our five senses and the typical American Dream of a house with a two-car garage. When we lust only for money, power, revenge, when we seek selfish, egotistical goals, we are pursuing illusions. We think in our head, “People will like me better when I have a pretty girl on my arm,” or “I will be happier when I have money/fame/power…” We reach outwards to material things in order to feel safe, valuable, loved.

What supersedes money, power, fame? What is more joyful than jealousy, anger, fear or hatred? It is the classic head vs. heart battle. As we experience spiritual growth, as move from physical thoughts and incorporate more and more of our inner soul/Divinity/heart into our personality and the way we choose to live, we evolve and progress. This change from an outer focus to an inner focus becomes an “empowerment of our soul,” and ultimately leads to a more rewarding and joyous life.

Moving from your head to your heart does not mean giving up your reason. It is simply connecting with the very depth of our being. It is not an abandonment of logic, but a getting-in-touch with what already exist within ourselves. Our heart is where we formulate our ethics, values, decisions, behavior choices. It is where we generate love, peace, harmony, happiness. In our heart lies our true consciousness. It is the seat of our soul.