Happiness Comes From Within

There are secrets to life that we are here on earth to discover. One of them is that the “outer things” in life (material possessions, how we look, who we are with, what our success status is…) do not bring you happiness; true happiness comes from within. Some people live their whole lives and do not realize this truth.

It is indeed wise not to dwell on past things that you can not change, and also not to worry about the future when you do not know what it will bring. Perhaps it is best to just be mindful of the present. Smile, be kind, be thankful, look at the good things around you, notice the blessing or gift in every adverse situation. This is what begins to propel you toward joy.

The thoughts that you think in your mind become your reality. Focus on the good things that you have accomplished. Let go of the rest and recognize that they were necessary learning experiences. You will face many obstacles during your life, that is what life is all about. It is how we react to these challenges that is important, not the challenge itself. Learn to be happy by nature, not by circumstance. Happiness is a choice, a state of mind.

There is goodness and opportunity all around you. It is a matter of noticing it and then reaching out and grabbing it. You are a very special person and a gift to this world, although you may not see this for yourself.