The Way of the Creator

Life is a picture, pretty as roses. As we move through our eternity we spy many aspects and perspectives that fall to the right or left of where we are traveling. Romance the fun in life. Rose petals: succulent and sweet. This is our inner awareness. As we focus on the purity of the blossom it becomes our reality. Our inner thoughts create the reality of our outer world.

Steep is the cliff you climb, yet along the way is brilliant beauty in all its many forms. A vista, a kiss and sigh of the wind, a little flower wet with the morning dew.┬áPartake of the joy of the land you live in. Robust in its natural elegance, splendid and pure. Life is but a dream — catch the scent.

As you understand forces that move in your outer world, the physical creation of thought, the form plays out strengths and weaknesses around you. Come to realize the potential for harmony, truth, an intensity of love to surround you. This is the way of the Creator. Beauty bursts forth unhindered and glowing with the inner light of the Creator and universe. For what we know in this life shall indeed fade away with time, yet the core essence will always remain in your soul: a gift. Use it well.